Kaila Fusco Designs strives to make beautiful, unique and long lasting jewelry. We want you to own and love our pieces forever and wear them everyday. Daily wear does mean that these special pieces come into contact with dirt, chemicals, and solid objects, all of which can affect their appearance and sparkle. Like anything in life, looking after something will make it last longer! Here are some tips on how to keep your jewels looking their best for years to come.

Prevention tips

  • Put jewelry on last when getting ready - avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with make-up, hairspray, and perfume. This is the number one cause of damage and discolouration that we come across, and also the easiest to avoid!
  • Take off jewelry when swimming, showering, or washing up - soaking and submerging in water can be damaging, especially in chlorine or cleaning chemicals.
  • Take jewelry off when working with your hands, or where stones or metal might get knocked.
  • Sweat can tarnish metal, and will cause a build-up of grime, so it’s advisable to remove any jewelry before taking part in sports activities. This will also remove any possibility of pieces getting knocked or broken!
  • Jewelry boxes aren’t just for show, they have a purpose at keeping your jewellery in good condition when you’re not wearing it.

Cleaning tips

  • For cleaning most types of jewelry, a mild washing up liquid solution is sufficient to remove dirt and grime. For really special pieces however, there are many brands of specialist solutions specifically formulated for individual metals or gemstones that can be bought online.
  • Furthermore, when wearing your silver jewelry, the oils in your skin and the constant movement prevent the tarnish developing - all the more reason to wear your favourite pieces!

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