Pay For A Replate

All of Kaila Fusco Designs jewelry is made from Sterling Silver. Selected jewels are then gold plated. Kaila has a large gold plated range but if you see any designs in silver that you wish were gold just send Kaila an email at and we have you covered!

Unfortunately, gold plating isn’t invincible. We plate our jewelry in house. So we are confident that it is done properly! But gold plating is a thin bonded layer which can scratch, rub and wear. Gold plating, like sterling silver jewelry can also tarnish easily if it is subjected to any material that isn’t pH neutral.

We have a solution for this though! When you feel the time is right and your gold plated jewelry needs some love. Send it to us! We will replate it and get it back to you.

We have a flat fee of 3000 KSH.

Shipping is not included. If you are shipping from outside Kenya, please make sure you use a courier that have insurance and tracking like Dhl or Fedex.

KShs 3,000

Because each piece of Kaila Fusco jewelry is carefully hand-crafted in a studio in the Maasai Mara, it will have travelled a long way to reach you but rest assured, you should receive your jewelry within ten days.

Love what you see but we don’t have your size or your preferred metal, stone or finish? Contact Kaila to discuss tailoring a piece to your requirements.


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