Kaila Fusco Designs jewellery will be sent to you in a funky little pouch, made from recycled fabric.


Depending  where you are in the world, we will make a plan to get your order to you in the most cost effective, quickest and secure manner.

Each item is handmade with sustainably sourced gems and metals so the lead time on your order may vary. Please speak to Kaila directly to discuss what the lead and delivery times are likely to be.


All of our prices are given in USD. Fluctuations in currency and credit card charges may affect the final amount charged.

Returns & refunds

We have a no refund policy.


If any jewellery bought from Kaila Fusco Designs needs repair, please email Kaila. Repairs needed within 30 days of receiving the item will be done at no charge, although all shipping charges will be at the client's expense. Outside the 30 day grace period, the item will be reviewed and an invoice will be sent to you. Once payment is received, the jewellery will be fixed and returned with shipping charges falling to the client.


If the items that you receive from us are not what you ordered or are damaged, we shall not accept any liability unless you notify us of the problem by email within 7 working days of receipt of the items in question.

We will not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of items purchased from us once the tags have been removed and the items have been worn.

We cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery once the items have left us and are in possession of the applicable courier.