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Kaila Fusco necklaces
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Kaila'S Jewellery is made with precious metals and stones.

And it is made to last.

But the jewellery does need a bit of TLC  to stay looking new. By using a  few simple tricks,  your jewellery will sparkle  for years to come.

Do wear your jewellery all the time -that is what it was made for- but remove them  to  cook, clean, bathe, exercise and swim. Moisture, salts and general exposure to pollution in our day-to- day lives cause tarnish on sterling silver  so it is always best to put your jewellery on last after you've applied perfumes, lotions and makeup. Wiping them off with a chamois cloth after use also works a treat!

Store your jewellery separately in the packaging provided. Over time, storing it with other jewellery causes it to tarnish. Keep it safe in a place where it will not be bashed and bent. Silver is one of the softer metals so although most of the designs are big and chunky, they are not indestructible!

After a while, when your jewellery needs a little love and attention, place it into warm soapy water. Use a soft toothbrush to lightly brush away the grime of day-to-day wear. Rinse it with clean water and it’s good to go.

Most importantly of all, enjoy!

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