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Embarking on an exclusive journey, each beautiful item is individually made by Kaila to create its very own story.


The story starts on the Swahili coast

Kaila walks Kenya's shores

Kaila Fusco jewellery process

Looking for interesting things on the beach

Kaila Fusco process 2

And collecting cuttlefish

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With her stockpile of lovingly sourced materials

Pic Mara Kaila Fusco.png

She returns home

Kaila Fusco Mara

To the Maasai Mara

Kaila Fusco designs.png

Where she sets to work in her tent in the wild

Kaila Fusco jewellery.png

Surrounded by her tools

Kaila Fusco and Shiloh.png

And her loved ones

Kaila Fusco designs process.png

She carves her moulds out of the cuttlefish bone

PIC 13.png

And pours in the liquid silver

Kaila Fusco ring.png

Once it has set

Kaila Fusco jewelry.png

The piece of jewellery is removed from its cast

Kaila Fusco silver.png

And filed down by hand

Kaila Fusco silver ring.png

With its gem set, the piece is  finished and ready to be sold

I collect cuttlebones from the beaches of Kenya and take them back to my studio in the Maasai Mara. I carve out the shapes, pour in the molten silver and love that what might emerge is always a mystery. Sometimes I get what I imagined and other times I get something entirely different. Even the unpredicted outcome is beautiful. I love that. That is organic creativity.
— Kaila
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